4 Days Double Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Double Gorilla Trekking


This is a trip that the world has been waiting for: a 4 - day double Gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda, including an exclusive Mountain Gorilla experience, as well as exploration of gorilla features, sound, and environment. Mountain gorillas are the rarest of primates, inhabiting the Hidden Jungle of the Virunga Mountains, which stretch over Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda.
The safari brings you to the beautiful Virunga Mountains in northern Uganda, where a fifth of the world's mountain gorilla population lives. You'll savor delectable meals, sleep in luxurious accommodations, and stroll through a lush African tropical forest. It is a road trip that begins and ends in Kigali, Rwanda, one of the most well-organized cities on the African continent.

Detailed tour.

Day 1: Kigali city to Volcanoes N/Park

Gorilla trekking journey begins and ends with a bang. Our driver guide would be delighted to welcome you for a rewarding day of "living with a Gorilla." Following the welcome speech, a 2- to 3-hour journey to Volcanoes National Park will begin, passing by enthusiastic natives waving at you, “muzungu," undulating hills, and more.
The guide will gradually explain what the eyes are seeing, beginning with the homesteads, culture, and other topics. You'll arrive at the park lodge for some refreshments while you wait for supper and a snooze.

Day 2: Gorilla trekking

At daybreak, warm up your intestines with a cup of coffee before heading to the park headquarters for a briefing on the dos and don'ts of gorilla trekking (the hiking boots, long sleeved shirts, and a shelter). Mountain gorillas live in groups, and you'll be tracking one of them based on your preferences. Gorilla trekking takes between 1 and 5 hours, adding an hour for photography and observation of how gorillas behave, eat and play.
Mountain gorillas are found only on the African continent and have 98 percent human DNA. The first stop should be where the gorillas were last seen, followed by the tree plants and bushes. Expect to see birds, other ape species, and other animals. Have a lunch break after seeing the APES before returning to the resort for a relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

Day 3: 2 nd Gorilla trek in Volcanoes national park

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You will return to the park headquarters after breakfast for yet another extensive Gorilla trekking encounter with a different Gorilla family. The ranger guide will lead you to the Apes while describing everything along the walk, including tree flora, birds, and primates, as well as roots.
After meeting the gorillas, you'll spend an hour with them, witnessing mothers milk their young, calm silverbacks keep watch, and children cuddling on the trees. Following the exercise, there will be lunch and an evening Musanze cave expedition led by trained ranger guides. Dinner and pleasant slumber at the lodge round out the day.

Day 4: End of safari

gorilla trekking tour

Begin your day with a cup of coffee before checking out of the resort for a transfer to Kigali city, which will take roughly 2-3 hours. You will eat lunch in the city and then take around two hours to explore the city. You will pay respect to the victims of 1995 Rwanda Genocide at Kigali memorial site, explore historical landmarks, and buy souvenirs at neighboring local markets.

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