Can Gorillas Eat Meat

The scientific answer is NO. Gorillas don’t eat meat. You might have come across some posts claiming that they do, but perhaps it’s time you unlearn that fallacy. Gorillas dominate their presence in East and Central Africa. This region has a wide cover of tropical rainforests which is bordered by some tracings of montane vegetation. Gorilla are one of the world’s largest primate species. Whereas their intestines have some similarities with those of humans, theirs are more extended with some similar features of cud chewing mammals.

Another important aspect is to do with their body shape and character. Gorillas grow so strong and subsequently heavy with adulthood. The notion of them eating meat gives some people the impression that they have hunting instincts. Generally, hunting mammals are fast in their movements to get closer to the prey. The gorilla’s bodies can only do as much. Their speeds are so average at that. Their sharp teeth are deserving as far as they have to harvest thick stems for feeding with ease.

However, a close look at a more scientific explanation shows that gorillas require Vitamin B12 to enhance their stable looks. This vitamin is only attainable from the non- chlorinated water washed vegetation. Their large intestines (when compared to humans) have the required characteristics to digest the shoots and heavy leaves they feed on. This makes them herbivores. They sometimes also feast on small insects especially ants and termites. Their long intestines enable a robust digestion of heavy leaves from which they squeeze and absorb amino acids.

These are protein fluids similar to what a human would attain when they eat and digest meat. This is the reason for their strong body build which requires much proteins to acquire. A misunderstanding comes at the sight of their protruding fangs when open their mouths. It should be noted thereof, that the digestive importance of those large teeth is to prune and tear the shoots of the bamboos on which they feed.

Gorillas, although having much DNA similarities with humans shouldn’t also lead one into drawing a final conclusion of being meat eaters. These primates averagely on a daily basis consume large amounts of fruits and other plants up to about 20 kilograms.

This should be a balanced meal in order to maintain such massive strengths. As an addition, the cellulose they draw from the vegetation they eat contributes to their strength. They literally like plants with much fiber. Ever wondered what keeps their skin glittering? That the work of the many fruits they eat. They often gather ripe fruits more.

Research samples collected from their digestive wastes shows some contents of animal DNA especially somewhat similar to that of monkeys. However, that’s not truly a translation that they feed on monkeys. Further studies show that this accounts for the variety of insects they feed on once in a while. Lastly, the tourist can do some more research to further appreciate these debunking facts of the proverbial fallacy that gorillas eat meat.