Group Safaris in Rwanda

With group safaris in Rwanda, even budget or solo travelers have opportunity to make their travel dreams come true. Group safaris are by far the best way to cut down on the total price of your holiday package. We have made this possible with our amazing small group trips, large group safaris or private and scheduled group safaris in Rwanda.

Our group safaris are flexible in the sense that; a visitor can join a scheduled group safari or book a private group safari one at a time. Whether you are traveling in a group of 50 or 100 people, we can still arrange a memorable group safari holiday for you; book comfortable accommodation, means of transport, gorilla permits, golden monkey permits, etc. This presents you a great opportunity to explore Rwanda on group gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee safaris, wildlife tours, cultural safaris, hiking tours or golden monkey adventures plus other group adventures.

We are the leading organizers of group safaris in East Africa – with experience in arranging successful group tours for families, schools, organizations, institutions, etc. The amazing part about group safaris in Rwanda is that you are guaranteed of ultimate fun, you have a chance to meet, interact and share ideas/experiences, stories, network with other people from other countries.

Why go group safaris in Rwanda?

Located in the heart of Africa, Rwanda is compact, but naturally rich with beauty and unique attractions. From the cool weather to pristine rain-forests, savanna plains and cultures, a group safari in Rwanda- The Land of a Thousand Hills never leaves you out of choice.

There is plenty to explore and experience while on Rwanda group safaris at affordable rates including primate adventures such as mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, chimpanzee tracking, colobus monkey tracking (in Nyungwe Forest National Park), etc; game viewing in Akagera National Park a home to the big 5 African game.

Besides, Rwanda is a safe and secure country attracting tourists all year-round to explore her natural wonders. For about 28 years, peace and security has prevailed in Rwanda making it a secure travel destination, a good reason many prefer visiting it for primate safaris like gorilla trekking and wildlife tours especially the big five game safaris.

Have opportunity to cut down on prices- with group safaris, costs are shared amongst members on a trip. These include costs on transport, accommodation, etc making it relatively affordable compared to when you travel as alone.

Where to go to enjoy a group safari in Rwanda?

There are only 4 parks in Rwanda to be visited while on group safaris: Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park, Gishwati-Mukura National Park and Nyungwe Forest National Park. These plus numerous tourist sites make Rwanda an ideal group safari destination in Africa.

Volcanoes National Park

For all magical mountain gorilla encounters in the wild, Volcanoes National Park is the place to consider a must-visit on Rwanda group gorilla safaris. About 300 of the remaining 1063 mountain gorillas on earth live in the bamboo and other habitats of Volcanoes National Park, with currently 12 habituated gorilla groups all open for visitors to track.

Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is located in the Northwestern side of the country, a short distance if you are setting off from Kigali, about 2-3 hours’ drive. The park sits on 160sq.kms, established in 1925 together with Congo’s Virunga N/Park. To track gorillas in Volcanoes N/Park Rwanda, all visitors intending to go on group safaris must have gorilla permits – each permit is issued at USD1500 per person.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park is a home to Rwanda’s largest tropical forest- Nyungwe Forest located in the Southwestern part of the country. Covering almost 1000sq.kms of land area, Nyungwe houses 13 primate species and they include more than 500 chimpanzees, 400 colobus monkeys, l’hoest monkeys, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, pottos, bush babies and more.

310 bird species also reside in the verdant Nyungwe Forest and they include Albertine rift endemic birds. On group safaris in Nyungwe Forest National Park, the activities to consider undertaking include chimpanzee tracking, colobus monkeys, canopy walks, nature/hiking, birding/bird watching tours and others.

Akagera National Park

For all game drives on group safaris in Rwanda, there is only one place to go to and that is Akagera National Park. Akagera National Park is a big five game park in Rwanda, found in the Eastern side of the country, 2 and half hours’ drive from Kigali city centre. On a visit to Akagera, areas of interest include the savanna plains to see the big five game- elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, lions; duikers, waterbucks, klipspringers, elands, zebras, giraffes, etc. Lake Ihema for boat cruise excursion to see the basking crocodiles, hippos, birds such as shoebill stork, papyrus gonoleks, weaver birds, white winged swamp warblers and others.

Gishwati-Mukura National Park

Gishwati-Mukura National Park is a primate park and newly established destination in Rwanda worth visiting on group safaris. The park covers a small area of 34sq.kms and protects chimpanzees, birds and other primates.

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