Chimpanzee Safaris In Uganda

Safaris Chimpanzee Safaris In Uganda A tour in Uganda especially with a purpose of chimpanzee trekking and chimpanzee habituation is an interesting one, and here is all you need to know. First, it’s important to know the various places where these intelligent creatures are located.

Kibale Forest.

Kibale Forest National Park located in the Western part of Uganda and is a home to over 13 species of primates. The chimpanzees here are over 1,500 individuals. The forest is sometimes regarded as a capital for these species due to the high concentration and numbers. Of the 3 habituated groupings, only one is reserved for trekking activities by the ordinary tourists. The remaining two are reserved for those that partake in research activities. The permits here are the most expensive in Uganda when compared to the other locations.

The cost of a chimpanzee trekking permit in Kibale Forest Park. Foreign residents are charged $150 for each person. Foreign non-residents $200 for each individual, and citizens of East Africa pay UGX 150,000 for each visitor. Habituation goes for $250, 200, and UGX 250,000 respectively. The package for chimpanzee habituation experience also covers entrance charges and guide fees. Chimpanzee trekking is done in three sessions, one from about 8am, 11am and another in the afternoon.

Kyambura Gorge.

Kyambura gorge is located in Queen Elizabeth National Park and is comprised of long lowland expanse composed of tropical vegetation, extensive and dense itself. It’s a habitat to numerous primates but most importantly chimpanzees. This gorge is blessed with river Kyambura which cuts through this dense forest and therefore is supportive in the growth of these forests. The gorge extends to Kazinga Channel, a water channel that connects Lakes Edward to L. George. It is the only primate trekking zone in Queen Elizabeth N/Park.

Trekking here is done either in the morning or during afternoon hours. It all depends on what the tourist chooses. While in Queen Elizabeth National Park, these trekking permits can be obtained at the park offices but preferably booked through a local professional tour operator. These trekking permits are averagely few and therefore tourists need to make bookings on time. They don’t exceed 16 permits granted daily.

Therefore, this puts the number at 8 per session. The minimum age required in the Kyambura gorge chimpanzee trekking is 12 years. Below that is prohibited. Each foreign tourists pay 50 USD for the trekking permit, while both foreign residents and citizens from East Africa are charged UGX 30,000 per visitor.

Kalinzu Forest.

Just like Kyambura Gorge, it is found on the fringes of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The difference between the two areas is that Kalinzu offers the greatest opportunity and chances of viewing these primates. The trekking requirements and costs are similar to those in the Kyambura Gorge.

Budongo Forest.

This is located in the Bunyoro sub region of Uganda in the Murchison Falls National Park. There’s a great number and concentration of these creatures and the most desired spot is at Kaniyo Pabibi. There’s a great concentration of these habituated individuals. The trekking permits here are slightly cheaper compared to other trekking locations at about 85USD. There’s also 2 sessions here on a daily basis.

Chimpanzees are amazing and intelligent species. While at these locations, trekking chimpanzees is easier aside the distances and walking on rugged forest landscapes. They are known for their chants and noise made while they get on with their day. This makes finding them simpler as one needs to just follow the directions from which the noise comes. Their constant pooping also creates the tracing easier. Lastly, are their foot prints they leave all over their paths. This experience can go to about 2-3 hours. What’s fascinating with these primates is their loves to get closer to tourists. The tourist gets to have a closer view and enjoy seeing their breeding habits. Fighting, grooming, mating, and many more.

As far as these fees go – in Kibale Forest Park, the adults who are foreign residents are charged $30 for each visitor. Foreign non-residents $40 each individual, and citizens of East Africa pay UGX 25,000 for each visitor. Children who are foreign residents are charged $10 per child, foreign non-resident children pay $20 per child, and East African children pay UGX 5,000 each.

Students and pupils who study and live within Uganda pay UGX 3,000 each. Tertiary institutions pay UGX 5,000, and lastly the Uganda Wildlife Club members pay UGX 2,000 each.

Age requirements for most sites is averagely 12 years. The tourists are assigned rangers that guide and escort them through the park. Since these habituated creatures are often friendly, a tourist is advised to carry a camera for photography. A tourist can also take along binoculars. Hiking shoes and proper hiking clothes are also recommended and a backpack, mosquito repellent and water bottle.

The dry season which runs from around June to August is the best for this experience due to less weather interruptions and easy – to navigate trekking trails