About us

Our Company

Uganda Gorilla Vacations is a tour company based in Kampala, Uganda (East Africa) which has been operating for the last 4 years. We are a fully licensed company who offer different tour and safari services within East Africa countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our services include gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife safaris, and fancy road trips, hiking expeditions, Source of the Nile Adventures, nature walks and tours, camp fire, family gate away and many more.

Have you made up your mind on your next destination, honey money or work leave, just name it and we shall have it fully handled with our trusted experience. Is it Murchison Falls, Bwindi Impenetrable? is it Kidepo National Park or Masai Mara? Is it the Indian Ocean or Diani Beach? We’ve arranged all such trips before and we can do the same for you, inclusive of helping you make a final choice if you’re having trouble with choosing one.

In addition to that, we help customers with Gorilla permit booking, Hotel bookings, Car hire / rentals, Ticketing services, MICE and any services related to travel. We have a professional team which is fit and dedicated to providing you with the real- life experience of an adventure on that is worth your money and time. We take pride in our services and customer care, choice of services and more so the connection we keep with our customers which can’t be compared to any other. Your experience with our services is so executive and it carries on specially trained guides who are skilled at their services to which is added their linguistic ability to speak different languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, and Swedish among others inclusive of the major local languages.

Our Purpose

To provide sustainable and memorable travel / safari experiences.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading tour companies within East Africa and beyond. We have set our goals so close to that with making partnerships with any companies that provide services that are connected to the services we provide. This includes taking part in campaigns against any activities that may lead to the extinction of wildlife within East Africa and beyond where we make awareness about endangered primates.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the best experience of all time backed by professional work, a touch of quality that creates bond of a long-life family that can be commendable for the business. Providing tours that are worth the payment and more so memorable to whoever gains access to our services. Having created a brand over the years, we have to protect it with keeping our services to the standard level and creating ease for our clients.

Core Values

Our core values are all in line with our business and more so meant to ensure that we provide the best services to our dear clients.

Respect. We uphold respect for all individuals inclusive of our clients and team. Regardless of any differences, human dignity comes before anything else.

Quality Service. As a matter of business, the strength of the business is held on its quality and that’s what we hold on as a team. We ensure our services are provided in the same way as our clients really expected them to be.

Loyalty. This is a stronghold of our business in all ways, that’s why we encourage our team members to show loyalty in a way of faithfulness, commitment, confidentiality in any time where they appear in the name of the company.

Communication. We believe that speaking to one another helps bridge very many gaps and that’s the reason why we encourage interaction amongst our team members and also between our team members and our clients which helps us create a strong bond that can become a family.

Excellence. We commit ourselves to satisfying our customers so that we provide the best experience they expect of us.

How to Book With Us?

Uganda gorilla vacations is registered with www.safaribooking.com. But to make a booking with us just visit our website and search for any preferred tour package of your choice, book with us and we start off what we do best.

“We guarantee you a safe and memorable safari”

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